Sunday, August 5, 2012

The Quiet Comfort3 Versus The Quiet Comfort15

qc3 bose headphones, When it comes down to comparing QC3 to the QC15, it\'s basically old versus new. In the earlier version of the quiet comfort series it seemed as if it the products that Bose was creating were at a standstill. Neither one was better than the other; only thing that was different was the size of one seemed to be smaller than the other. In other words when the series first started off it was horrible, and Bose finally started to make improvement slowly.

The latest addition to the \"quiet comfort\" series is the QC15. Many people ask is it better than the rest, and what does have that the previous was do not have?

The QC15 is three hundred percent better than the QC3. There is qc3 bose headphones a drastic difference in the sound qc3 bose headphones quality between the two headphones. One you can hear the sound but there is a little static and the other is completely clear and perfect. The QC15 has a whole new different make up, it is now equipped with microphones that are located inside the ear cups and also on the outside, which enables you to enjoy your sound and block at everything else.

The QC15 also beats the QC3 in style and comfort. Even though they might appear to look the same, the Quiet Comfort15 has totally different design. The ear cups of the QC3 are at first comfortable but after qc3 bose headphones awhile they begin to hurt your ears. With the QC15 headphones, they remain comfortable because have custom made ear cups, that are designed to fit around anyone\'s ears. But disadvantage of QC15 is that it weight a little bit more than the QC3.

Another difference between the two is the battery life. The QC3 come with a lithium-ion battery that is rechargeable, but only has a life expectancy of twenty five hours, unlike the QC15 that last for thirty hours and it uses 3AAA batteries.